Here a prayer of invocation I wrote (with group input from a work group in my class on Christian worship) for our first chapel service after Easter. The text was Luke 24:13-35, Jesus’ encounter with two disciples on the road to Emmaus, and breaking bread together at Emmaus.


Almighty God,
you do not withhold yourself
from the world you created.
You are not silent.
You are a God of love
who speaks to us,
in the words of your scriptures,
through your great acts of redemption,
and, above all, through Jesus Christ, the Word of God,
whom your word testifies to and proclaims.

In love, you sent your son to dwell with us–God with us–
In love, he offered himself up for our sins,
In love, he bore the curse of our sins,
In love, you did not let your Holy One see corruption,
you raised him from the dead,
so that we can can know that he is strong to save,
can know the triumph of your love over our sins.
can know the power of his presence through your Spirit,
can behold your glory in his face.

We ask your blessing and help to truly know the risen Christ.
Open our minds and hearts to him,
rescue us from all unbelief and folly and sin
that might hinder us from seeing him living,
from exalting him to the highest.
Disclose the risen Lord to us,
so that we would know him,
present in all your scriptures,
would know him in his suffering for our salvation,
would know him in his glory in being raised from the dead.
Through your Holy Spirit, quicken us to love, cherish, treasure our risen Lord,
without whom we have no hope, in whom we have all hope.

Father, through your word, through the knowledge of your risen Son,
through the power of your Holy Spirit,
equip us to serve and minister for you.
Grant us skill to proclaim Jesus according to scripture.
Grant us faith in the power of your word.
Grant that our hearts would so burn within us in the knowledge of Christ
that others would see the flame of Christ, and catch fire also.
Grant us delight and strength in proclaiming repentance
and the forgiveness of sins to a lost world
in the name of Jesus Christ our risen Lord.

And it is in that name, in the name of Jesus Christ, that we joyfully offer you these intercessions and this service. Amen.

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